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Proficient use of English

2 years working experience in IT industry, marketing, promotional familiar with the meeting process and the lead in organizing a number of promotions and conferences. Later in the global market research company as the second project manager for 2.5 years, the organization responsible for multiple projects and implementation. English as working language, and with partner countries to communicate.6 years of foreign work experience. In supplier quality control, supplier development and marketing areas have good customer relationship building and communication skills. Through continuous learning during the entire supply chain gained a deeper understanding. Proficient use of English, an integrated theory and practice, independent building, leadership and management of the Area, particularly in the supplier quality control and supplier development and marketing. May be overseas or travel frequently.Creative spirithttp://www.menin.no/phpbb , have a high learning ability, good sense of teamwork, work earnestly, has extensive experience in software design and development project management experience.I am in the food industry in technical and management ten years, has extensive foreign management experience. Work has accumulated rich production management, equipment management, Choose A Wedding Florist quality management, logistics management, financial management, and new plant construction experience.Familiar with dairy products, beverages, cheese, instant noodles, drinking water, food additives and other technology. Familiar with the blow molding process and aseptic filling process.
I attach importance to teamwork, good communication, strong organizational skills and ability to control the team Save on Your Wedding-Part .Learning Experience: In July 2007, graduated from the Jilin Agricultural University, Animal Science. Made in school-related veterinary professional qualifications, http://jeny.ipro.org with some English listening, speaking, Perfect Wedding Dressesreading and writing ability; skilled use of network access to relevant information in English and can be translated in time. Proficiency in computer operating systems, office tools. I am outgoing, cheerful, sociable, sincere in the cooperation and diligent and pragmatic, down to earth,http://www.hookers.nl strict laws have been lenient towards others, and consciously submit to discipline the company, loyal to the companySome Ideas To Personalize Your Wedding . I firmly believe that: a bird soar with the happy couple transporthttp://www.acehforum.or.id , people with Tadakata high quality. http://forum.dvbtechnics.info

good colleagues privately with colleagues to solve difficult mental

1 fluent in English, major in English-speaking, studying in the UK for one year.
2 proficient in mainstream office software, familiar with computer office environment, and work efficiently used.
3 strong theoretical writing skills (English and Chinese): to carry out independent research and reporting, combined with the case, in-depth analysis
4 majoring in finance and accounting, http://www.ikhwan.net/vb including (accounting and auditing, financial analysis and assessment, portfolios and assessment, financial consultation)http://www.guideauto.com/forum
5 minor in international business and business management, including (economic base theory, corporate structure, marketingWedding Planning cleverjoe human resources management)1 specializes in recruitment planning and employee relations, co-ordinate planning conferences
(2) to explore the internal integration and good talent, supplemented by internal promotion vacancies. That 80% of all people, the key is how to identify different people's strengths and advantageshttp://www.adventuregamers.com/forums
3 willing to share success with teammates and difficult, good colleagues privately with colleagues to solve difficult mentalhttp://game.equination.net/forum
4 sincere and frank, low-key and tolerance, courage, perseverance, integrity, perseverance, with a quiet passionBest Wedding Venue
5 good teamwork, attention to care about subordinates (who privately donated laptops to disadvantaged families, but the aggressive subordinates)
6 high sense of responsibility, independence,Choosing Flowers By Season and strong execution, good push to promote the completion of the project
7 Disadvantages: impatient, Own Personalized Wedding Card no patience, and sometimes too persistent, idealistic http://www.hamshen.org/forum

And foreign customers to communicate well in English

the work of practical work, psychological quality, strong sense of responsibility, can withstand strong pressure. Because I work experience, patience, and sincere man, customers are willing to give me their friend, get customers. And received several letters of recommendation letters foreign clients, including a five hundred of the foreign world.
My performance is quite good in the company, opened a five month alone, and a considerable part of the customers are their own independent development.
The character is concerned, my character more gentle,pretty Wedding Bouquet get along with colleagues and friends are good. Thingshttp://www.mnogomebel.ru/forum will start to finish, will not easily give up, having chosen this industry, it will certainly do a good job! Maybe I'm not the best, but you will not regret my choice!Four years of work experience. http://www.skeptrack.org/vboardExcellent language skills (English eight, four French universities). Two large-scale international sports events (Shenzhen Universiade) organization and management, project planning and implementation experience, in charge of the headquarters hotel registration center (Universiade four registration centers) wedding cakes lily in the planning, set up and run game; branding, international project management experience.Active, confident and optimistic, with a strong ability to learn to communicate
Earnest, passionate and sincereWedding Dresses With Modern Twists have a good team spirit
Adaptability, peace of mind, good thinking, and constantly create new value
Professional skills and expertisehttp://board.crossfit.com
And foreign customers to communicate well in English, excellent analytical skills, is also currently studying Spanish wedding dress details andy , in the end of 2008, to achieve Western translation.
Machinery and equipment for a better understanding of the assembly and control can be demonstrated independently of customers http://forum.onemanga.com and product operation training.
Learning ability, ability to endure hardship, there is a bold idea, like sales, strong sense of responsibility. http://www.ducatispot.com/forums

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mentor and project lead

Current salary: 5,000,000,00 yuan/year (after taxes)
Salary expectation: 6,000,000,00 yuan/year (after taxes)
Because I work during the day, not answer the phone, please contact me later after 9:30 at night.
Candidates target:Real Estate Company designing institute of president
Objective: for a large estate architectural design director, real estate development company chairman and general manager position, design institutes, dean, real estate development company (group) design director note: single design company, please don't hesitate to contact me1、Positive attitude, Strong ability in self-studyhign neck wedding-dresses
, and can work well under the pressure.
2、Project Management Professionalchi hair straightener, Product Management
3、As a ScrumMastercheap nike shoesto lead a team to do SW development.
4、 5+ years of Working Experience (ERPnike shoes, Telecom IT/SW)
5、1+ ERP deployment,chi flat iron IT deployment
6、4+ SW Configuration Management, Build & Release Management and Build Architect & Integration experience
7、Mentor and project lead Better late than never
no good thing ever dies

Managing artists is like herding cats

I have excellent communication skills and a rich arsenal of marketing tools and tactics. The animation industry is a fiercely competitive business, and I am comfortable with bombarding the audiences with the most articulate information that they need to grasp given a very limited attention span. Managing artists is like herding cats, wedding dresses
but I manage to be widely respected as a visionary, personable and highly creative line producer
beach wedding dresses, which may justify my assertion as a leader and team player.
cheap wedding gownsCareer Objective:Simply put, casual wedding dressesI wish to become the best known CG-based TV advertising producer in China. I can not only provide groundbreaking ideascolor weddin dresses, I can guarantee seamless communication with agencies and proven methodology to produce on time, on budget and beyond description.
some birds are not meant to be caged
something inside
more than just words

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Breast cancer gene clue discovery

It brings to 18 the number of common genetic variations linked to a small increased risk of breast cancer.
The Cambridge University-led research, published in Nature Genetics, could see targeted screening and treatment of women more likely to get breast cancer.
It is thought about one in 20 of all breast cancers are down to inherited faults in known genes.
Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK with more than 45,500 new cases diagnosed each year.
The precise reasons why a woman develops the disease are still unknown.
However, inherited, environmental and lifestyle factors are all thought to play a role.
There isn't anything we can do about the genes we inherit, we do know that you can reduce your risk of breast cancer by maintaining a healthy weight, limiting alcohol consumption and exercising regularlyDr Caroline Hacker, Breakthrough Breast Cancer
In the largest project of its kind, the researchers scanned the entire genetic code of around 4,000 British patients with a family history of breast cancer.
They then studied the DNA of another 24,000 women, with and without breast cancer.
The researchers found five "spots" on the human genome linked to a family history of breast cancer. Another 13 have already been located.
Scientists also know about two high risk genes which are more likely to be defective in someone with breast cancer, known as BRCA1 and BRCA2.
Genetic profiling
Dr Douglas Easton of the University of Cambridge, is lead author of the study.
He told the BBC: "We know for sure that these gene variations are associated with risk.
Breast cancer risk factors
Breast cancer risk factors are related to lifestyle, life choices and the environment, or inherited
Established risk factors include age, alcohol, genetics, HRT, pregnancy, the contraceptive pill and weight
Possible risk factors include diet and stress
Source: Breakthrough breast cancer
"It is not the whole picture but it will contribute ultimately to genetic profiling of risk.
"It also contributes to our understanding of why the disease develops and will lead to a better understanding of the biology of the disease."
Women with a strong family history of breast cancer are already given early screening for signs of tumours.
They are also entitled to genetic tests if they have a close relative with breast cancer.
The 18 genetic changes linked to breast cancer are not currently tested for. They are thought to account for around 8% of inherited cases of breast cancer.
Dr Caroline Hacker, policy manager at Breakthrough Breast Cancer, said: "This could lead to new genetic tests which may help identify women who have an increased risk of breast cancer due to inherited faults in genes.
"Hereditary breast cancer is rare and only around one in 20 of all breast cancers are due to inherited faults in breast cancer genes.
"Although there isn't anything we can do about the genes we inherit, we do know that you can reduce your risk of breast cancer by maintaining a healthy weight, limiting alcohol consumption and exercising regularly."
Dr Helen George, head of science information at Cancer Research UK, said: "This research takes us a step closer to developing a powerful genetic test for the disease.
"Such a test could help doctors identify women who have an increased breast cancer risk so that they can make informed decisions about how to take steps to reduce their chance of developing the disease."http://www.forest.ru/forum
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Rajon Rondo's triple-double powers Boston Celtics to 97-87 win over LeBron James and Cleveland

Run over in Game 3, the Celtics were off and running Sunday.
And Rajon Rondo was the one making those aging Boston legs go
Rondo had 29 points, 18 rebounds and 13 assists, and the Celtics beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 97-87 on Sunday to even the Eastern Conference semifinal series at two games apiece.
Rondo had a playoff career high in rebounds and matched his best scoring night in his fourth postseason triple-double. He played 47 minutes with some of his bigger-name teammates in foul trouble, and fans chanted "MVP! MVP!" as he knocked down a pair of free throws with 17 seconds left.
"He was absolutely sensational tonight," Boston coach Doc Rivers said.
Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett scored 18 apiece for the Celtics, who rebounded from the worst home playoff loss in franchise history and ensured they’ll get at least one more game at home. Game 5 is Tuesday night in Cleveland before the series returns to Boston on Thursday night.
LeBron James scored 22 points - only one more than he had in the first quarter of Game 3 - and seemed frustrated during a seven-turnover performance. Shaquille O'Neal added 17 points, his high for this postseason, but was on the bench when the Celtics blew by the Cavaliers in the fourth quarter.
Tony Allen scored a playoff career-high 15 points in 26 spirited minutes off the bench for the Celtics, helping spell the foul-plagued Paul Pierce and Ray Allen.
Pierce continued to struggle, managing only nine points in 31 minutes, but Rondo made sure he wasn't missed.
The Celtics ran off the first 10 points of the fourth, mostly in transition, turning a two-point edge into an 84-72 lead. Rondo's basket started the spurt, he twice fed Glen Davis for easy baskets, and Tony Allen finished it off with another bucket in transition. The Cavaliers didn't score in the period until Mo Williams' jumper with 7:15 remaining."I just wanted to continue to attack," Rondo said. "That's how we got the lead at first."
But Cleveland used its own 10-0 run to climb to 86-84 after James converted a three-point play and set up Anderson Varejao for one. Tony Allen answered with a basket, and after a free throw by Varejao, Rondo threw a pretty bounce pass to Pierce for a dunk, then added a follow shot to make it 92-85 with 1:34 to play.
Rivers said the problem with Boston's offense in Game 3 was really its defense, because the Celtics never got enough stops to get their running game going. Rondo sped by the Cavs in this one, helping Boston - the team with older legs - to a 23-7 advantage in fast-break points.
"Multiple stops means Rondo in the open court," Rivers said.
James and the Cavs put their 124-95 victory in Game 3 away early and looked ready to deliver another quick knockout punch. Cleveland scored the first seven points, and things looked even better for the Cavaliers when Pierce and Kendrick Perkins both went to the bench early in the first quarter with two fouls. But the Celtics started getting stops, enabling Rondo to push the ball in transition, and Boston surged to a 31-22 lead.
A Cleveland flurry with James on the bench cut Boston's lead to three, but the Celtics soon pushed it back into double digits and led 54-45 at halftime.
James appeared to be checking out his sore right elbow after attempting to draw a charge on Rondo in the first half and rarely seemed in the attack mode that carried him to 38 points in Game 3.
Cleveland chipped away in the third, powered by some strong inside work by O'Neal, and eventually took a one-point lead on Delonte West's three free throws with 1:41 remaining. Rondo found Tony Allen for baskets twice in the final 1:07 of the period, giving the Celtics a 74-72 edge heading to the fourth.sexy lingerie corsets
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